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The concept is simple.

You ride your own bike and have your adventure. The route is supplied on the day in an easy to understand “adventure” style roadbook, the length of the route is typically 200 – 300km and includes roads, back roads and very easy trails on occasions.

You navigate and ride the route. The roadbook provides notes for fuel stops, cafes, points of interest and photo opportunities along the way.

You can ride in groups or on your own. You can ride fast or slow. You can stop along the route for coffee and lunch or just do it one hit – it’s your adventure, so you do it your way.

At the end of the route we all meet up and exchange stories about the day.

The Adventure Cannonball Club is all creating adventure events for “Big Bikes” both here in the UK and abroad. Pre-ridden routes are supplied at each event and they are navigated by a simple “adventure” style roadbook that the RallyMoto club has pioneered.

As a club member you can join our Adventure Cannonball runs (RallyMoto Members only), with the club providing adventure style roadbooks, roadbook holders and we can provide help and training for all club members.