What is an “Adventure Roadbook”?


With the Adventure Cannonball roadbooks we had to do a little bit of thinking. With rally bikes and a full rally set up the roadbook is 15cm wide – with a 20cm to 25cm wide roadbook holder. We set up a Triumph Explorer 1200 with our rally loan roadbook set up and we immediately ran into problems.

Firstly the roadbook holder was attached to the bars and on full lock this caught the screen. Also the roadbook set up obscured all the clocks, so the trip meter and speedo couldn’t be seen. The space was very cramped.

So, we went back tot he drawing board and invented the “Adventure Roadbook” set up. This is much smaller and suits the adventure bike – you can see the clocks and it attaches to the bars nicely.

We then managed to make the roadbook itself 10cm wide instead of 15cm – which worked brilliantly with the new roadbook holders.

Also with the new style Adventure Roadbook we made navigation much simpler and very straight forward with clear directions including road names and road numbers making navigation much easier to grasp.

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