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Overseas Events

The Adventure Cannonball Club will run 2 overseas adventures each year. For 2018 we have chosen Morocco and Portugal.

Overseas Adventure Cannonball’s are multi day events which run from hotel to hotel. In the true tradition of a Cannonball the actual destination for the day is not revealed until the briefing for the day and the actual route remains secret up until the last minute.

All navigation is via the “adventure style” roadbook, which covers off simple directions, fuel stops, cafes and refreshment stops along with points for photo opportunities. Detailed notes are supplied in the roadbook and these are backed up by GPS waypoints.

One thing that is different on the overseas events is that all riders are tracked and monitored by our safety GPS system, which is monitored during the days ride.

In addition to the GPS safety system there is a support vehicle that has the ability to transport a rider and their bike to the next hotel or to the final destination for shipping back to the UK. We also run a “sweeper” wagon that clears the route down each day and acts as a luggage vehicle so you can ride with minimum baggage for the trip.

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