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Route Grading

In order to indicate the level of the route. We will give each route a grading from 1 to 5 as follows:-

Grade Description
Level 1 100% Tarmac, suitable for road tyres
Level 2 Tarmac with some sections of light off road, hard packed and no mud. Suitable for road tyres.
Level 3 Tarmac, with off road sections with rocky, hard packed and gravel off road tracks. Suitable for dual sport tyres.
Level 4 Mix of tarmac and off road tracks that may have short sections of mud that are passable with care. Suitable for dual sport tyres.
Level 5 More advanced off road sections with more extreme off road. Suitable for knobbly tyres and riders with off road riding skills.

All routes are suitable for “Big Bikes” over 600cc and all Adventure Cannonball routes are designed and laid out for these types of bikes.

N.B. These descriptions and gradings are given as guidance to the level of each route and can vary due to weather conditions and the time of year.